An Introduction

Thanks for visiting my website. In lieu of recent events, I’ve decided to switch things up on how I’m utilizing my personal domain. I originally started it as a means to further my tech career. I never really followed through with it and it’s been sitting stagnant for quite some time.

With the advent of COVID and quarantine, a lot of people, myself included,  have been forced to deal with an onslaught of feelings and emotions that may be hard to process and cope with. Personally, I have been trying to deal with the stresses of working at home. This in itself is a tough one for me. Do I deserve to feel stressed out about working from home when I am fortunate enough to still be working? There are so many people that are recently unemployed that it’s hard to wrap my head around my feelings. The reality is, I am stressed. Unhappy at times. Throw guilt into the mix coupled with the isolation brought on by quarantine and you can see how someone like myself might be inspired to do a little soul searching during this time.

I used to use drugs and alcohol as a way to cope. I now realize that this is not a functional solution and it no longer works for me. I could go into details about my relationship with alcohol but I’ll save that for another time. This leads me to mindfulness. A hot topic and a buzz word of sorts. What does it really mean? What does one gain from it? How does one become mindful? Does it work? How the hell does it even work? So many questions.

I’ve decided to really try and learn what it means to be mindful. My understanding of the word today is simply this: learning to live in the present moment. What can living in the present moment provides and how does that help one cope with the day to day rigors of life is what I hope to learn and ultimately share on this blog.

My plan: I will be starting an 8-week, self-paced online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course: put together by Dave Potter. It’s structured with weekly required reading/viewings and daily meditation. I aim to summarize my thoughts and experiences weekly to catalog my journey and development as I progress through the course.  I am excited to share this and look forward to the weeks to come.